Friday, October 15, 2010

La Galerie

Two dozen Hawaii pilots and spouses migrated to the French and Swiss alps for a few recent weeks to inflict their airborne simian hijinx on the peace-loving peoples of the Haute Savoie. Their mischief and misdeeds are hereby chronicled in digital form for posterity, or at least for anyone thinking about going on next year's trip. Because we are definitely going back. (If any of you monkeys are holding out on us, please cough up the goods. We want all the photos and videos, even the NSFW stuff!)

Pete & Bonnie
Duck: Vid 1
Duck: Vid 2
Duck: Vid 3
Duck: Vid 4
Mad Dog: Vids
Mad Dog: Pics

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Invisible Playgrounds of Chamonix

A good editor would probably wring my neck, but here goes... One of the logs from one of the twenty or so monkeys on the Chamonix 2010 paragliding expedition:

Friday, September 10, 2010

L'Achat de la Biere est Obligatoire!

Je suis en train de deguster mes vacances - therefore I have been avoiding computers with zeal. It was time to check into cyberspace again though, so here's a bit of a Chamonix flying story from my perspective. After some "challenges" in California that usually come with an adventure (like dead batteries and "personalizing" my glider bag and camping gear with a motorcycle exhaust pipe) and the interminable flight to Zurich, I finally landed in Europe on a Monday morning.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lake-crossing Losers

[Update: I was confused about the names of the various formations along the ridge above Lake Annecy. I just figured out that only the 3rd formation away from the Montmin launch is the "teeth", the Dents du Lanfon - the one I thought was the 2nd tooth is called the Lanfonnet, and the one I thought was the 1st is the Roucher du Roux. And the really big peak behind Montmin, the one that will lead Mad Dog back to Chamonix one day, is La Tournette. My silly story below is based on the notion that all the formations are known as teeth, but apparently most of them were false teeth!]

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Je Suis un Bâtard!

I just figured out that there has been a technical problem with my previous posts that has stripped out the stories leaving only the pictures. I'll try to restore the text when I can get onto a wifi connection.

Yesterday we saw the best conditions since Nikki and I arrived three days ago. People were getting very high early on, under some really sweet looking fluffy clouds, and I was excited to think I might have a chance to finally make my way out of the valley to Plaine Joux.

When Cows Fly

Not all the adventures are in the air. Donna & Yolie got stuck driving down from launch as a herd of cows blocked the road. One apparently took a leak on the car Donna was driving, cow must have known it was Reaper’s. Big thanks to our wives for taking the vehicles down.

This was a day when we took a trip over to Annecy. The Monkey chatter in the morning said there would be tons of traffic at Annecy so no one else wanted to go and elected to stay in Chamonix. Don, Yolie, Donna & I in one car; Reaper, Bonnie, Flash & Mack in the other. It was just a short ride, about an hour to the bottom of the launch where all the PG stores were. We reserved several demo wings for the next trip to Annecy on Monday then headed up the hill.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Really good pilots

Way too many adventures to describe in the limited blog time I have set aside at the cafe this morning. The lift starts at 8:30 and I want to get Sharky up there early for some nice morning flights.

After yesterday's morning flights, the thermal research team launched and found better lift than the previous day. Mad dog led the way out of the Chamonix valley to Plaine Joux, and Reaper and I sunk out at the last turnpoint, landing in a field with a combine harvester - a moissoneuse! It was my best XC attempt here and my first outlanding.